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At the other end of the signal chain, API spec'd 24-channels of coordinated UHF wireless microphone systems with Acme Broadway standard DPA4061 elements.

The transducer inventory didn't make the grade though, and employing computer-aided loudspeaker modeling, in this case EASE, API specified a new sound reinforcement system for Shenandoah University’s primary musical theatre venue, including loudspeakers, DSP and power amps.

The assignment was to approach professional quality on a modest budget. We assessed the existing equipment and determined that the mixing console and much of the processing equipment was up to date and of appropriate quality.


The Shenandoah University Theatre Department Productions are Campus favorites, heavily subscribed, and often sold out. The sound system in the 10-year old Ohrstrom-Bryant Theater was a constant disappointment however, and the University reached out to Acme Pro for some Broadway polish.


Ohrstrom Bryant Theater

Shenandoah University

Winchester, VA

Sound System Design & Installation

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