Acme Professional Inc provides specialized sound & video system design & installation. An amalgam Broadway’s most prolific sound design team and the consulting and contracting talents behind numerous multi-million dollar performing arts sound, video & communication systems, AcmePro offers an ideal balance of experience, creativity and business discipline.

Design & Engineering

Acme Professional provides complete design and engineering services to include electro-acoustics system design and computer modeling; electrical infrastructure design; detailed sound, video, control & communication systems engineering; project management; commissioning; optimization; training, and post-Opening service. Detailed CAD drawings and support documents are created in-house to insure accurate translation of design intent and perfect coordination of the audio/video/control systems.

Acme’s primary strength is the ability to offer a complete package, from consulting expertise to finished, turnkey systems. API provides unparalleled quality, value & rigorous attention to detail. Acme's strengths include high quality design and integration of professional audio performance systems, video production and presentation, critical audio recording as well as high-definition video distribution and production lighting systems. The partner’s industry contacts enable Acme Professional to be an authorized dealer/reseller for many of the high-quality manufacturers in the audio/video industry.

We are equally enthusiastic about providing a simple concealed speech amplification system in a tiny chapel, a 6-camera integrated HD Video Performance Capture System, or a full-blown Rock and Roll or Broadway sound system with facility-wide infrastructure for a major performing arts center. Each Project, no matter the size, presents a worthy challenges to us to provide the optimal combination of quality, flexibility & value for our customers.

Room Acoustics & Loudspeaker System Design

Using 3D-modeling software, API provides acoustical performance predictions, prior to system construction. Acme has utilized EASE (electro-acoustic-simulator for engineers) to provide room acoustics modeling and loudspeaker designs on many projects. After the user constructs a wireframe 3D model, the software enables accurate prediction of acoustical properties of the venue. Since each room surface has associated acoustical absorption and diffusion data, the software can calculate how it reflects and absorbs sound energy. Various treatment materials can be substituted in the model enabling the engineer to select treatment methods and predict contribution to the room acoustics-prior to construction. All venue loudspeaker designs benefits from EASE modeling, as all the major loudspeaker manufacturers supply audio polar data for each model of loudspeaker to use in this program. Various loudspeaker designs are built and tested virtually. Exact mounting coordinates and angles are determined as well as delay and level shading requirements. Virtual measurements are taken at individual seating areas in the model, predicting specific loudspeaker coverage and intelligibility. Once a loudspeaker strategy is chosen, we use manufacturer-provided design software such as Meyer's MAPP, d&b's ArrayCalc, and L'Acoustics' SoundVision, to create optimal arrays and define rigging requirements.

Drawings & Design Documents

Using AutoCAD, Vectorworks, OmniGraffle, SketchUp and conventional paper documents, Acme Professional provides detailed systems and coordination drawings. From sketches during design development to finished line drawings that are part of the construction document set. All systems infrastructure is documented, enabling integration in the main building architecural, structural and electrical plans. All signal conduit and AV power is detailed and coordinated with the project’s electrical engineer. Audio & video systems are drawn in detail, with single line drawings for all schematics, patch-bays, equipment rack elevations and connection panels. Loudspeaker, projector and display rigging are shown in detail to enable formal approvals where required. As-built documents are provided at the end of the project. Samples of drawings are available on request.

Acme provides very detailed equipment and materials lists throughout the project. This practice enables precise costing and insures items are not overlooked. It also is the basis of the procurement and inventory documents that generate the purchase orders once the project is underway.

Project Management

Acme has extensive experience managing large projects, locally and nationally. We have worked closely with union and non-union installation crews on high-profile projects from military command & control facilities to iconic performing arts centers. Experienced in both design and construction, Acme develops good relationships with the crews as well as the construction management team. This has proved an essential element on previous projects, raising the quality of the installation process and the final product. Consistency is achieved by insuring a central point of contact is assigned to the project, one person responsible for engineering details, project management thru testing.

Fabrication & Terminations

Equipment rack fabrication is performed above industry norms, with the drawing set specifying many fabrication details. Professional cable labeling is created via the drawing set for every connection. Custom rack power schemes are implemented to insure proper grounding methods as part of the isolated-ground system. Certain signal types are isolated in the rack, minimizing interference. Neat cable looming and bundling techniques enable easy troubleshooting and servicing, while making the initial systems checkout and testing much easier. These fabrication details contribute to high-quality, high-performance finished systems.

Custom loudspeaker rigging is often required. Detailed rigging drawings enable off-site prefabrication and on-site installation using forged, rated hardware and custom-fabricated, powder-coated assemblies. Our drawings are sufficiently detailed to be submitted for Structural Engineering review and certification.

Commissioning, Optimization and Training

The complete testing methods employed by the Acme staff exceed typical AV Contractor practices. Electronics and military avionics experience enables Acme to provide electrical verification methods onsite that are beyond the expertise of the average ‘sound company’. This minimizes future system problems by completely testing the cabling plant prior to commissioning.

Audio, intercom, data, HD video and control systems are tested prior to system energizing, eliminating problems that occur once systems are in-use. Acme Professional uses various means of audio system testing and is frequently called for system alignment services in many critical venues. Tuning Capture and RAI SMAART computer-based systems are used for audio system optimization In a typical venue, several days of audio alignment are usually recommended to enable the sound system to perform at maximum potential.

At substantial system completion, system training will be provided onsite. Signal routing shall be discussed using the system drawings while the systems are operated during rehearsals and tech phases. System training extends into the opening events where much on-the-job training occurs.


Acme Professional warrants all installed systems for a one year period, with additional extended services available. All equipment is warranted individually by the respective manufacturer. Equipment warranties are typically one year, but can range from 90 days to 6 years depending on specific manufacturer and model.