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The Design process included fabrication of prototype fish and a mock-up of the sound system to allow refinements to the soundscape.

The Carousel Project is administered by the New York City Parks Department, which means a tightly managed competitive bidding process and stringent paperwork requirements. API’s long experience with large performing arts center construction projects made the creation of conforming Construction Documents very straightforward.

Acme Professional has joined Architects Weisz+Yoes and Scenic Designer George Tsypin to create a highly theatrical multi-dimensional ride-able experience.

Welcome to the SeaGlass Carousel in Battery Park, a stone’s throw from the Statue of Liberty on the southern tip of Manhattan. The Project, commissioned by The Battery Conservancy and Built and Operated by the New York City Parks Department, is scheduled to Open in the Fall of 2011, and features a design team more accustomed to working in Opera Houses than on theme park attractions.

Imagine riding a Carousel populated with fish instead of horses, and of finding yourself in an environment evocative of a richly populated undersea world immersed in sound & light.

SeaGlass Carousel

Battery Conservancy

New York, NY

Sound System Design

Composer Bruce Odland's concept sketches
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