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Remote-controlled pan/tilt/zoom/focus cameras enable live video & audio from each Performance Hall to be distributed to displays and sound systems in the lobbies, patron’s & performer’s lounges, offices and dressing rooms-- all in HD.

In 2008, Acme Pro installed an upgrade to the sound system DSP frames and optimized the performance loudspeaker systems in Rose Hall, the Allen Room and Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola to the great relief of the artists, production team and house sound crew. Acme’s long experience and proven record with large sound reinforcement system optimization enables objective measurement and correction. The house audio staff joined in the process over several days of work; an exercise that led to significant performance improvements in all three venues.

Digital signage graphics content is delivered in up to 1080p resolution from customized MacPro computers in the Acme-fabricated head-end rack, surpassing the video quality of typical signage installations.


Taking advantage of the blistering pace of technological innovation driven by the nationwide switchover to HDTV and utilizing new-generation flat panel LCD displays provided and sponsored by Samsung USA, API devised unique methods for distributing HD video, high-resolution signage imagery, and embedded stereo audio to lobbies and backstage areas throughout the Center.


When it came time to upgrade the house video and loudspeaker signal processing systems for the Center’s three performance Halls, J@ZZ once again turned to Pete, this time wearing his AcmePro hat, for help.

Acme Pro President, Pete Cosmos served as Project Manager for the original Sound and Communication Systems installation for Jazz @ Lincoln Center’s Halls in the Time Warner Center in Mid-town Manhattan.

Jazz at Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

New York, NY

HD Video System Design & Installation

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