Evoking the elegance of Monte Carlo, this 100,000 sq ft underground gaming and high-end retail addition to one of America’s most venerable luxury resorts Opened on July 2, after a jaw-droppingly short 12 month design & construction process-- just in time for the debut of the newest Tournament on the PGA Tour-- The Greenbrier Classic.


Acme Professional Inc teamed with Greenbrier Communications, a local home entertainment and IT contractor, to provide installation services, saving the client thousands in travel, hotel and per diem costs for the contracting crew, and serving Owner Jim Justices‘ desire to support the local economy.

Quality is the name of the game at The Greenbrier, and the sound and video systems are no exception. The distributed audio system features touch-panel presets in each room to enable both local and facility-wide source selection and adjustment. Three performance stages are equipped with portable mix racks and a wide range of wired & wireless microphones and monitor loudspeakers make the Casino Club a totally self-sufficient entertainment center.


The Springhouse Performance Stage includes a 360° Concert Reinforcement Loudspeaker System ingeniously concealed in the roof soffit. The BSS Soundweb London signal processing system includes a preset that delays the distributed ceiling loudspeakers above the gaming floor and in lounge, high limit & Asian Fusion restaurant areas relative to the Springhouse loudspeakers, creating a coherent soundfield that focuses attention on the Performers. When the Stage is not in use, the delay scheme reverts to a default distributed system that compensates for different ceiling heights throughout the facility and keeps the background music and announcement system clear and enveloping.


API chose top of the line Tannoy dual-concentric loudspeakers for the ceiling system, and worked with Project Architect Mike McClung of Shope Reno Wharton Architects to completely conceal the loudspeakers behind transondent cloth panels.


The effect is remarkable-- music seems to emanate from the entire ceiling surface-- all sense of individual localized sources is gone, and the entire facility is bathed in high quality sound.


Twenty-four Sony Bravia HD LCD & LED flat-panel televisions display cable programming and digital signage Content at 1080p resolution throughout the facility.

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