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Curtis Institute & PBS Station WHYY

Curtis Institute of Music

Philadelphia, PA

HD Performance Capture System Design & Installation


Accolades for the Verizon Hall HD Performance Capture System earned AcmePro a commission to provide a similar turn-key solution to replace analog equipment in use for a popular PBS series showcasing the talented student musicians at Philadelphia's prestigious Curtis Institute of Music.

API specified a five-camera system including both fixed and ‘Rover’, remote-control pan/tilt/zoom/focus compact HD units. Portable solid-state recorders were provided to enable HD capture and isolation of every camera enabling complete post-production when required.

HD interfacing is provided for a direct feed of master program to a Producer’s notebook computer, as well as up/down/cross conversion required depending on the desired end format. A small control room provides broadcast-quality routing, switching, display and recording. HD editing and post-production can take place locally in the control room, or at WHYY’s studios via the use of inexpensive portable recording media.

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