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The New York Philharmonic stipulated minimum system latency to allow the video system to serve for offstage singers and instrumentalists who occasionally perform using a televised image of the Conductor due to sightline restrictions. Acme tested a large number of flat panel monitors to ensure complete synchronicity, and received a thumb's up from the notoriously demanding NY Phil Musician's Committee.

Uncompressed 1080p Video from from a pair of unitized remote-controlled cameras is distributed to large high definition monitors in the Lobby, and smaller LCDs in the wings, backstage, and in the lounges, dressing rooms and offices. The incomparable stagehands at Lincoln Center provided all of the installation labor under API's supervision.

Hot on the heels of the highly successful HD Video system installation at Jazz at Lincoln Center, API was contracted by Lincoln Center management to design and install new HD Front-of-House and Backstage closed circuit video systems for Avery Fisher Hall.


Avery Fisher Hall

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts

New York, NY

HD Video System Design & Installation

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